A photo session with Boudoir by Owen is photography for you

It’s not about the photographer … although I will help you make some stunning images

It’s not about him, or her, or them … although they will enjoy the images you create

It’s about you

“Thanks for a brilliant shoot. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did”


In Boudoir by Owen I don’t do elaborate staged managed, highly made-up glamour shots, giving you a makeover to create something artifical and short-lived. I aim to capture the real you. I want to understand what is important to you, what you like – about your body, your life – and capture the essence of you in images you will keep and treasure for many years.

Almost wholly self-taught, I have been taking photographs for many years. My varied interests in people, places, animals and things has produced a rich collection of images from around the world. Combining an international business career with a love of travelling, I have taken my camera to many far-flung parts of the world, from the north coast of Iceland to the Indian Ocean coast of South Africa, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia to the Red Centre of Australia.

whale-watchingWhile I’m normally hiding behind the camera rather than in front of it, sometimes I do leave a record of where I’ve been. Here’s a photo of me ‘enjoying’ a whale-watching trip in Iceland.

After stepping away from corporate life I am focusing more closely on portraiture and boudoir photography, while celebrating what I have already captured. It would be great if you think you would like to join me, become part of my journey and allow me to become part of yours.